Jodi Lodzinski Headshot

Joni Lodzinski

Experience Coordinator. Comfort Concierge.

Joni genuinely embodies the position of the “tip of the arrow” of the Exevia experience. Her gracious and encouraging presence when you enter our office is one of our greatest resources. Have you ever met a person who just seems to radiate warmth? That’s Joni, and she’s one of those rare individuals who seems to know what you need before you do.  

Joni helps to curate extraordinary experiences for our clients. Whether it’s a beautifully prepared luncheon or an encouraging word, our clients tell us that being around her relentless positivity and her genuine compassion and care is one of the highlights of their visits. Part of our incredible experience is being able to quickly direct our clients to the “who” that is needed. Joni is an integral part of that responsiveness. When Joni asks you “how are you?” she really wants to know how you are. 

Joni’s kindness and her servant’s heart make her an important part of our team. 

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