Lukas Hubers Headshot

Lukas Hubers

Director of Planning. Strategist. The "I'll Figure It Out" Guy.

Lukas is directly involved with gathering data for the preparation of our wealth coaching, but that just scratches the surface of his talents. He’s just one of those guys we’re pretty sure was always picked first for playground games when he was younger because he made the game fun for everyone. If questions arise, our clients tell us having Lukas around is invaluable because he won’t stop until the job is done.

We rely on Lukas to help our clients execute trades, distributions, and deposits. A natural teacher, he has a way of breaking things down into bite-size pieces and making complex information understandable.  

Lukas is an advocator, an educator, and a guy you’d like to go to a Packers game with. He’s always up for fun and shenanigans. He’s what your mom would call “just a really nice guy.” 

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