Transforming lives, one client at a time.

We love our clients! For our clients, true wealth is living incredible experiences, enjoying deeper relationships with people they love, and being incredibly generous.

Our clients are individuals and businesses that are willing to invest in collaboration with a wealth planning company that looks at more than just line items.

That’s the Evexia Way.


Solid Savers

a history and habit of paying themselves first.


Open to new concepts and approaches.


Life is centered around meaningful and healthy relationships.


Desire to share with family and community.


Always thinking of new ways to grow and enhance the days ahead.

Philosophy Friendly

Understands and trusts our philosophy.


Values organization and understanding information and structure.

OUR clients gain Freedom from

Worrying that they might make serious financial choices without understanding the big picture. Feeling paralyzed and anxious because they haven’t taken the time to know what financial assets they have and why they have them invested the way they do. Worrying that they are missing out on opportunities to grow their money. Are these true for you?

our clients are excited about

Having a roadmap to confidently spend money on the life they’ve always wanted, like on a new car, boat, second home, or travel. Creating more experiences with family and exploring their interests. Growing their assets in a way that they can feel confident and free from worry.

Strengths Our Clients Bring to the Table

Being a good steward of money and resources. Valuing collaborative partnerships. Having meaningful relationships with family and friends. Striving to live a fulfilling life.