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The most successful people have looked to coaching to help take their lives to the next level. You can too.

Wealth Coaching

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Is your money working as hard as you are? Make your portfolio your best partner.

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Experience Matters.

Experience is more than just years in the industry or credentials. It’s everything you sense as you move through your money journey. We believe that your experience with money should be fun, not stale or something to avoid. Curating insanely awesome experience is a core value of ours.

Want a double-espresso? Done. Gluten-free? On it. Experience is baked into everything we do.

A Deep Bench.

We surround our clients with incredible talent. Our company invests in providing you with lots of WHOs for your financial HOW. We believe that it’s not just what you know, but who you know. The most successful people have a great team around them. How deep is your bench? Check out our team here.

The Power of Partnership.

We believe that no one should walk their financial journey alone. When clients partner with us, we bring leadership, creativity, and relationship into the mix. We guide clients as they define what success means for them. Together with our innovative solutions and incredible teammates, partnership with Evexia drives transformation for our clients.


Evexia offers three options to up your money game.


Inspired every single day to bring the true meaning of wealth to real people.

True Wealth
1. the unique vision, plan, and execution required for well-being; a life well-lived
2. the courage to engage your abundance with your Best Life

Real People
1. individuals that are authentic, genuine, and ready to learn and grow
2. an individual or group that has dreams and a desire to make them real

Bringing Clarity to What Really Matters.

Best Life
1. the result of discovering and expanding your interests, talents, and passions
2. the act of living out your abundance
3. the act of living with incredible joy

1. a very large quantity of something
2. the idea that captures all your opportunities and strengths, including relationships, experiences, knowledge, money, vision, and possibilities

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Our clients join us on a unique visioning process to define their goals. Throughout the Evexia Client Journey, they grow their mindset, trust the process and stay the course. In turn, they grow their assets and enjoy life experiences they could not have imagined.

The Client Journey is the same for everyone, but the outcome is a unique story for each client.

The number of steps in the journey depends on the level of wealth coaching.
You choose the level that is right for you.

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Interview: The Wealth Decoder

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Partnership Call

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Data Discovery: The Number Navigator

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You Inc.: Decoding Your Numbers

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I&G: Evexia Core Philosophy

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Focus Meetings (# Based on Program)

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Board of Directors Meeting

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Taking Action Icon

Data Discovery Refresh

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Tax/Estate/Insurance Review

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Focus Meetings (# Based on Program)

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Begin Again