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CEO Wealth Coaching

Personal Wealth Optimization and Business Integration.
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Your dedicated team brings an all-inclusive approach, taking a more in-depth look at your roadmap. we activate strategies to maximize your wealth planning, business and personal.


By investing in CEO, you’ll deepen your understanding of the financial big picture and optimize your roadmap for both personal and professional wealth. We empower you to Know What You Own and Why You Own It.


We’ll give you the tools and guidance to direct your finances and future as if you were the CEO of your own personal company. You’ll be working with the most experienced wealth coach, senior strategist, and dedicated concierge who will walk with you on your journey.


CEO gives you access to our innovative You, Inc thesis, our strategy department, and tech tools that provide you with a roadmap (and a team!) for experiencing the life you want. Each year we’ll choose an area of focus driven by your mission, vision, and values complemented by our expertise.


You’ll have a dedicated team looking at all aspects of your finances, business and personal. We will make sure that we are maximizing every strategy so that everything is working together for your success.

Best Fit For Those Who:

  • Are Entrepreneurs/Business Owners
  • Are Real Estate Owners
  • Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Want to be the Best CEO
  • Want the Most Time from the Evexia Team
  • Desire to Save and Accumulate Wealth
  • Are Open to New Concepts
  • Desire to Share with Family and Community
  • Want to Develop a Vision for the Future

Area of Expertise:

  • Business Consultation and Rental Consultation
  • Consultation for Investment Opportunities
  • Cash Flow Optimization for Business & Rentals
  • Comprehensive Tax Strategies
  • Advanced Saving Strategies
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Advanced Legacy Strategies
  • Scenario Analysis for Changing Life Events
  • Generosity/Philanthropy Planning
  • Protecting Your Assets
  • Planning for Retirement (Distributions, Allocation,
    Retirement Feasibility, etc)
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Medicare & Long Term Care

CEO Wealth Coaching Includes:

  • 20-Step Evexia Client Journey (Year 1)
  • You, Inc. Education
  • Kolbe Assessment
  • Cash Flow Optimization
  • Detailed Cash Flow
  • Online access to Evexia Financial Planning software & vault access
  • Future Scenarios & Projections
  • Risk Assessment
  • Investment Coaching & Access to Evexia Portfolio
  • Annual Cash Flow Check-in
  • “Board of Directors” Annual Review Meeting with CFA
  • Estate Planning Initial Consultation
  • Medicare/Long Term Care Specialist Consultation
  • Invitation to Special Client Events


The Evexia Client Journey is our defined process for helping transform how you think and feel about money.

With CEO, you’ll move through a 20-Step version of the Evexia Client Journey.

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Interview: The Wealth Decoder

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Orientation Icon

Partnership & Orientation: The Concierge Matrix

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Gather Info: The Number Navigator

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You, Inc.: Decoding Your Numbers

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The Unique Wealth Blueprint & Blueprint Confirmation

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Final Approval: The Clarity Advantage

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Taking Action: My Best LIfe Plan

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Checking In: The Accuracy Analysis

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Continuing Connection: The Expanded Wealth Experience

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You, Inc. Annual Update: The CEO Experience

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Additional Meetings on Area of Focus