Jill Benser

Client Concierge. Director of Client Experience. "Office MacGyver."

Jill helps cultivate the Evexia client experience. She is responsible for many of our best ideas on how to make your visit with us special, though she’ll tell you it was a team effort. More than that, as Client Concierge she’s the extra set of eyes and ears, working as a strategic partner for the Evexia Team.

Jill has a knack for helping clients move through their journey. She quickly intuits when a client needs a little extra explanation about Evexia processes. If you have a question or need a little more context about your Evexia experience, Jill’s only a phone call or email away and can answer your questions.

It might be noted that as a mother of five girls, not much gets past her and she’s a pro at reading faces.  Jill and her family live in Plover, Wisconsin.

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